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    KKK Member Walks up to Black Musician in Bar…

    Most people in this day and age probably would have turned and ran right out of that good ol’ boy’s bar, but not Davis. He stayed and talked with the Klansman for a long time. “At first, I thought ‘why the hell am I sitting with him?’ but we struck up a friendship and it was music that brought us together,” he says.

    That friendship would lead Davis on a path almost unimaginable to most folks. Today, Davis is not only a musician, he is a person who befriends KKK members and, as a result, collects the robes and hoods of Klansmen who choose to leave the organization because of their friendship with him.

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    Im not allowed outside after dark because i outshine all the stars and the moon so baby sea turtles always end up flocking to me

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  10. I want this so badly

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    I could sit here and watch this all night, so refreshing. 

    never seen something so relaxing

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    "Cosmic Hockey"
    Collage on Paper
    Andrés Gamiochipi
    Flickr / Facebook / Gallery Blog

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    Ancient Puppy Paw Prints Found on Roman Tiles

    i got really happy about this and then i was like “this dog is probably dead” and now i am crying

    Probably dead

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    I would like to go to the Grotta Palazzese in Puglia, Italy.
    “Tucked inside a limestone cavern, this summer-only spot (open May through October) has hosted elegant dinners since the 18th century, when Italian nobility held banquets in the space.” - Conde` Nast Traveler

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