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    *fully embraces wine mom culture at age 19*

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  2. I love you so much that “to the moon and back” seems like a shortcut.


  3. "And then I fell in love with the colour of your eyes and I just knew there was no turning back"
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    Believe or not, bison behaviors such as rolling, wallowing, and grazing actually make prairie lands healthier and stronger. Visit nature.org/bisonareback to learn all the details!

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  7. Gun Country

    Artist Michael Murph has created Gun Country, a site specific installation that consists of 130 toy guns for the open art competition ArtPrize this year.

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    This week, India became the first Asian nation to reach Mars when its orbiter entered the planet’s orbit on Wednesday — and this is the picture that was seen around the world to mark this historic event. It shows a group of female scientists at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) congratulating one another on the mission’s success. 

    The picture was widely shared on Twitter where Egyptian journalist and women’s rights activist Mona El-Tahawy tweeted: “Love this pic so much. When was the last time u saw women scientists celebrate space mission?” 

    In most mission room photos of historic space events or in films about space, women are rarely seen, making this photo both compelling and unique. Of course, ISRO, like many technical agencies, has far to go in terms of achieving gender balance in their workforce. As Rhitu Chatterjee of PRI’s The World observed in an op-ed, only 10 percent of ISRO’s engineers are female.

    This fact, however, Chatterjee writes, is “why this new photograph of ISRO’s women scientists is invaluable. It shatters stereotypes about space research and Indian women. It forces society to acknowledge and appreciate the accomplishments of female scientists. And for little girls and young women seeing the picture, I hope it will broaden their horizons, giving them more options for what they can pursue and achieve.” 

    To read Chatterjee’s op-ed on The World, visit http://bit.ly/1u3fvGZ

    Photo credit: Manjunath Kiran/AFP/Getty Images

    - A Mighty Girl

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  9. "Don’t ask me if I still love you. Of course I do. But I can still be mad at you. Don’t trivialize my right to anger with your assumption that it’s proportional to how much I love you."
    — I Can Do Both (#113: January 30, 2014)

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    this shook me to my very core. 

    i love this so much. 

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    The African Renaissance Monument in Senegal,.. Things you don’t see in mainstream media.

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  12. "You’re the only person I loved on Mondays and I fucking hated everyone on Mondays."
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    From the exhibit Drinking on the Job by Neck Face

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  15. Let’s give Emma Stone a warm willkommen to Broadway. The 25-year-old actress will make her Broadway debut — finally — in just under a month, stepping into the silky stockings of club singer Sally Bowles in the hit Broadway revival of Cabaret. Stone replaces Michelle Williams, who departs on Nov. 9, and will take over from Nov. 11 through Feb. 1, 2015. (x)

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